RZ-1 Integrated Music System

    The Overview

    The Esoteric "RZ-1" is a high-end music system
    that houses a Super Audio CD/DVD drive mechanism,
    a 32-bit D/A converter and an integrated amplifier,
    all within an elegant, slim profile body.

    The RZ-1 features a drive mechanism that is capable of Super Audio CD and CD playback using its high resolution 32-bit DA converter. This system offers a complete set of external inputs, including three different digital inputs (USB, coaxial, and optical digital), enabling it to support digital audio inputs in studio master quality from a PC or other external devices. The RZ-1 is also equipped with ESOTERIC's custom design integrated power amplifier, which amplifies all sources signals in high fidelity.

    Though the RZ-1 is an integrated system that is best suited for casual listening, it faithfully incorporates the high-end design philosophy that is characteristic of ESOTERIC, and was developed to be the finest integrated music system in its class.

The Features

Slot loading SACD/CD drive mechanism

 'High-rez media convergence' is the design philosophy of the RZ-1. The RZ-1 is compatible with high-rez SA-CD discs.

Three types of digital input terminals, including USB to support the playback of high-resolution PC based music files

 In addition to coaxial and optical inputs (24-bit/192 kHz compatible), the RZ-1 is also equipped with a USB input (24-bit/96 kHz). By connecting to your PC and utilizing high levels of data resolution to transmit and amplify sound, this system enables you to playback high-resolution music files, from hard disk drive PC storage, in studio master quality.
 ESOTERIC's high-end expertise was fully applied to design the USB input, with great care and attention given to detail. In order to prevent external interference from mixing with the audio signal, the RZ-1 is equipped with a USB isolator. This enables the RZ-1 to isolate the USB power supply and signal lines from the device.

32-bit D/A converter with true high quality sound

 The DAC device installed in the RZ-1 is the "AK4392", produced by Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation. This device is compatible with both DSD and PCM formats. Our relentless pursuit to produce high quality sound is also reflected in the digital signal processing circuit that was developed for the RZ-1. This circuit delivers high speed and processing capabilities, and enhances the analog circuit’s ability to receive data.
 The input I/F, digital filters, and Delta-Sigma modulator are all capable of 32-bit processing. If data with a resolution of 24 bits or less is input, the digital operation circuit performs high-precision extrapolation, thereby contributing to higher sound quality.

Two types of user selectable digital filters

 The RZ-1 is equipped with two different types of digital filters for PCM format signal processing. In addition to the finite impulse response ("FIR") digital filter, which is known for its outstanding sound quality, a short-delay digital filter is also available to remove the pre-echo effect inherent in impulse waveforms, thus creating a more natural generation of sound. The filter selection used is entirely user selectable.

ESOTERIC amplifier technology for the precise amplification of music data, delivering a smooth yet full sound

 The RZ-1 is equipped with a powerful analog power supply circuit. This circuit combines the largest toroidal transformer that can be installed within the integrated system's slim body, and large capacitors for rectifying the circuit. The driving capacity of the ESOTERIC power amplifier is more than sufficient to drive low-efficiency, small-sized high-end loudspeakers, achieving a full and natural expression of sound.

Two sets of analog input terminals

 The RZ-1 comes with two sets of RCA audio connections. One set can be switched to serve as MM phono input terminals.

A comprehensive range of functions boost the capability of this integrated system

The RZ-1 features a wide variety of functions, including power standby, bass and treble tone controls, L/R signal balance control, a sleep timer, and display dimmer. Because it is an integrated system designed for casual listening, special care and attention has been given to ensure that RZ-1 is easy to use.

The Specs