Grandioso G1 Master Clock Generator

    The Overview

    A truly three-dimensional audio experience delights the listener with a real sense of depth and
    conveys the actual feel of the high ceiling of a concert hall. High-end audiophiles know the
    excitement felt at the moment the first sound shatters the silence, the tense experience of impeccably
    tight focus, and the joy of music that feels so real you can almost touch it. After the last beautiful
    gradation of a lingering note has gently faded away and the system has concluded playback is when
    the true thrill of music really begins.
    The role of a high precision master clock is not to add something extra to your audio system. Rather,
    it is to attain the maximum performance from the system in order to convey music that is as close as
    possible to the original sound.
    The Grandioso G1 is the flagship model of master clock generator line, which combines all of our
    wisdom, technology, and passion. It adopts a high precision rubidium oscillator with a frequency
    precision of ±0.05 ppb (parts per billion) or ±0.00005 ppm and new technologies such as "Wide
    Range Clock Buffer Amplifiers" and "Adaptive Zero Ground” circuits to attain the very best in
    musical expression from your favorite audio system.

The Features

Fully Balanced Preamplifier


 The Grandioso F1 is a fully balanced preamplifier that descends from the Grandioso C1. It is resilient to noise, and can amplify signals purely and powerfully with low impedance.

Dual Monaural Configuration

 A dual monaural configuration with separate left and right sides has been adopted for all stages; from the preamplifier stage to the final stage of the power amplifier. The inclusion of the largest amount of materials ever used in the circuits of an all-in-one Esoteric amplifier ensures both superior sound quality and channel separation.

"ES-LINK Analog" Method for High Quality Current Transmission

 In addition to regular line connections (XLR and RCA), the Grandioso F1 features the new "ES-LINK Analog" transmission method developed by Esoteric. This current transmission method utilizes the high performance of the HCLD buffer circuit and its enhanced ability to supply power at high-speed to transmit a pure and strong signal with minimal interference from the impedance of the signal route. This is the ideal method for analog audio transmission as it fully maximizes the system's potential when connected to a compatible device.*
*Included in the Grandioso K1 as of September 2016. A standard balance cable (with an XLR terminal) is used for connections, but the "ES-LINK Analog" method can only be used with compatible devices since it is a proprietary transmission method.

3-Band Tone Control (Treble/Middle/Bass)


Commitment to achieving all the quality associated with high-end components results in a balanced dual monaural configuration consisting of four circuits (L/R, -/+) for each band. This system enables users to adjust tone settings free of any concerns about sound quality deterioration. Shifting the variable band more than usual toward the high and low frequency ranges (14kHz/63Hz) permits fine adjustment of bass and treble without adversely affecting the original source signal. Fully electronic control also permits fine adjustment of up to ±12dB in 0.5dB steps.


 The F1's Esoteric-QVCS* volume control employs four precision switched resistor ladder networks, which change in unison as the volume knob is rotated. This arrangement allows the signal paths for the left and right channels and their positive and negative phases to be kept totally independent and as short as possible. Consequently the sound has superb clarity, excellent channel separation and highly accurate phase characteristics. The elimination of audio board wiring to the volume control further contributes to a reduced signal path, while preventing degradation of sound quality and helping to maintain the low distortion one would expect of a reference model.
*QVCS = Quad Volume Control System

Ultra Low Noise Logic Controls

 All control systems in the Grandioso F1 are electrically separated from the main preamplifier using isolator chipsets and contained in the front panel to effectively minimize noise.

High Precision Ball Bearing Control Knobs


 Employing the same high-precision bearing system used in our VRDS transport mechanisms, the F1's volume control knob and selector switch provide exceptionally smooth operation with an analog feel free of any mechanical play. Sparing no cost, the front panel and all panel knobs are custom-machined from solid aluminum.

Dual Mono Phonostage Preamp

The dual mono phonostage preamp (MM/MC) features independent left and right channel power sources and independent circuits.

High-Quality Headphone Amplifier

The powerful headphone amp provides abundant output to effectively drive even difficult to power high-end high-impedance headphones.

The Specs

Clock outputs 10MHz OUT 4
Connectors BNC
Output level Sine wave : 0.5 ± 0.1 Vrms / 50 Ω
Master clock input Input frequency Rb+EXT1pps mode 1pps signal (GPS precision or better)
Rb+EXT10M mode 10MHz (GPS precision or better)
Connector BNC
Input levels 10MHz Sine wave: 0.5-1.0 Vrms/50 Ω
Square wave:1.5-3.0 Vpp/50 Ω
1pps signal Positive pulse,TTL level/10 kΩ
Output clock
stabilization (approximate time
in minutes)
Until oscillator stabilizes after power turned on 10
Frequency stability Within ±0.1 ppb (-20°C to +65°C)
Frequency precision Within ±0.05 ppb (when shipped new)
General Power supply AC 230V, 50Hz
AC 120V, 60Hz
AC 220V, 60Hz
(W x H x D)
(including protrusions)
445 x 132 x 448 mm
(17 5/8″x 5 1/4″x 17 3/4″)
Weight 23kg (50 3/4 lb)
Included accessories Power cord x 1, Owner's manual x 1, Felt pads x 4, Warranty card x1
- This product is available in two different power supply variations as shown in the chart above.
Make sure that the voltageshown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.
- The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.
- Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
- Weight and dimensions are approximate.