Miyuji Kaneko: Chopin, Liszt and Debussy Piano Pieces

The Overview

Commemorating the Introduction of ESOTERIC's Grandioso Line

This recording of piano works was produced by bringing together the knowhow of ESOTERIC and Octavia Records, with the goal being a high-quality DSD recording primarily targeting audiophiles. For the piano, the unsurpassed vacuum tube condenser microphones of Neumann and Brauner were used. The resulting recording promises a new level of excitement by bringing to the listener not only high sound quality, but also the captivating musical power embodied in the original works themselves.

Enjoy the overwhelming power of musical expression in works of Miyuji’s specialty composers: Chopin, Liszt, and Debussy.

Without missing the delicate tones that are hard to pick out even in concert, here you can experience harmonies interwoven with the complex resonances and overtones brought into being by the sounds of strong hammer strikes. With the inner emotions of the performer clearly evident, you can fully savor the profound qualities of high-end audio.

Perfectionist DSD recording using the very best vacuum tube condenser microphones: Neumann M-50C and Brauner VM1.

From the 1960s until today, the M-50C has been an unrivaled presence as the principal microphone of Decca Records in Britain. It has produced a huge number of famous recordings in diverse situations ranging from small instrumental ensembles to large orchestras. The VM1 is a vacuum tube microphone currently attracting strong attention from recording engineers around the world. Its distinctive characteristics include a natural sound quality and the ability to superbly record the indirect sounds of fine halls.

Engineered to enable the selection and comparison of sound captured by each microphone. (SACD layer only)

Microphone tracks can be selected because the same performance was recorded using different microphones. Tracks one to seven were recorded on the Neumann M-50C, and tracks eight to fourteen on the Brauner VM1. You can choose which of the tracks best suit your preferences. (Single-microphone performance time: 56:06)

Title and Track list

Frédéric François Chopin

  • 1: Ballade No.1 in G minor Op.23
  • 2: Nocturne No.20 in C-sharp minor (Op. posth.)“Lento con gran espressione”24 Preludes Op.28
  • 3: No.15 in D-flat major“Raindrop”
  • 4: Scherzo No.2 in B-flat minor Op.31

Franz Liszt

  • 5: Annees de pelerinage, 1st year, Switzerland, S.160/R.10 No.8“Le mal du pays”
  • 6: Rhapsodie espagnole S.254/R.90

Claude Achille Debussy

  • 7: Preludes, Book 1 No.10 La cathédrale engloutie


  • Recorded: Sep. 2013, Northern Alpine Culture Center, Toyama
  • Executive Producer: Motoaki Omachi
  • Producer: Tomoyoshi Ezaki
  • Recording Director: Masato Takemura
  • Balance Engineer: Tomoyoshi Ezaki
  • Editor: Tomoyoshi Ezaki


  • Miyuji Kaneko, Piano