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        Attention!   ! IF YOU TRANSACT A PURCHASE FOR AN ESOTERIC BRANDED PRODUCT FROM OR THROUGH AN UNAUTHORIZED DEALER OR UNAUTHORIZED ONLINE RESELLER, YOUR ESOTERIC WARRANTY WILL NOT BE VALID. We want every moment of your transactional experience with Esoteric branded products to be a positive one; supported by an experienced Authorized Dealer or Authorized Online Reseller that is well versed and trained on our products.

        Warranties are NON-TRANSFERABLE.  Purchases of second-hand or open-box items from a private or third party through places similar to, but not limited to, eBay, Craigslist, Audiogon, USA Audio Mart, Canuck Audio Mart, or the Blogosphere will not carry any portion of the original manufacturer's warranty forward. Sales of discontinued models may appear from time to time on these same sites from an Authorized Dealer. Please check our Dealer Locator for verification. A limited mix of NEW Audio Components and SACD Music is available through select Authorized Online Resellers.
    Please contact us if you are unsure of the status of a dealer before making your purchase at 1-844-515-2065; as our list of Authorized Dealers and Authorized Online Resellers is subject to change at any time.
    Enjoy your purchase and thank you for choosing Esoteric brand products for your home entertainment solution.