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Esoteric announces K-01 and K-03 Upgrade

Esoteric announces the following upgrade for K-01 and K-03 owners:

The USB Upgrade. (USB Input Capability Extension)

The USB Upgrade provides the following benefits:
Supports streaming of DSD 2.8MHz files via USB*
Supports up to 384kHz/32bit PCM files
Supports use of external clock when on USB input (10MHz)[...]


C-02 Reviewers' Choice Award

The C-02 is the latest member of Esoteric’s Master Sound Works line. As I explained in my review of the Master Sound Works A-02 power amplifier for SoundStage! Hi-Fi, this means that the C-02 benefits from what Esoteric has learned from its relationships with recording studios, sound laboratories, and other professional customers. [...]

By Howard Kneller of SoundStage! Ultra

E-03 Blue Moon Award

Knowing just how much Esoteric's president Ohmachi-san loves vinyl, I expected the latter and was not disappointed. What I was not ready for though is just how much of a statement Esoteric would make. I have not reviewed all of Esoteric’s gear but have written about quite a few components, have heard many more and even own an X03SE. Yet to date, the E03 is simply their best piece of equipment—or at least my favorite of those I have heard—and that includes the Blue Moon recipient C03 preamplifier. [...]

Esoteric Isotek System

The ESOTERIC/TEAC/ISOTEK burn in/break in disc allows you to effectively reduce the time needed to “burn in” or "break in" high end digital components, digital recorders, data storage systems, loudspeakers, wire and cable. [...]