D-02′s D/A converter IC

The D-02′s D/A converter ICs incorporate top-end 32-bit AK4399 chipsets by ASAHI KASEI Microdevices Corporation. Eight (8) circuits per channel are provided to achieve phenomenal linearity and low noise. In addition to direct processing of DSD signals, the D-02 has newly adopted a “35-bit D/A processing” algorithm that converts PCM signals to analog signals, at a high resolution of 35 bits. As a result of this new technology, the D-02 achieves an improved level of delicate sound quality and imaging with ultra high resolution.

The D/A converter circuits are mounted on separate analog audio boards for each of the left and right channels. All components, including the power circuits and power transformers, are separated for right and left channels to implement a fully dual-monaural configuration. This identical layout per channel, achieves ideal power supply performance and exce llent channel separation, enabling high-quality playback with a deep and wide soundstage.

MSRP = $23,500 for each component”

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