“The ESOTERIC P-02 and D-02 selected as “The World’s Best Audio System” by SoundStage networks”

SoundStage selected the ESOTERIC P-02 transport and the ESOTERIC D-02 as the Digital to Analog decoder for both CD or SACD playback as well as the Widea Aurender music server as the front end for their annual “World’s Best Audio Sytem” event.. The D-02 was selected because of its superior technical design and performance. The D-02 has a patent applied for technology “35-bit digital processing” where this DAC can decode digital data in a 35 bit realm. This decoding process is 2,078 times higher resolution than 24 bit decoding producing astonishingly warm, musical and detailed music.
The D-02 allows streaming asynchronous USB 2.0 data at 192 kHz sample rates and at 32 bit resolution making it the ideal decoder for both the Widea music server and the P-02.

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