ESOTERIC P-02 CD/SACD transport

SoundStage selected the ESOTERIC P-02 CD/SACD transport as the best front end in the world. The P-02 incorporates a number of new technologies including “ES-LINK3″, new highly accurate PLL-less word clock and “35-bit D/A processing”. The P-02 and D-02 implement a new inter-component transmission protocol, ESOTERIC’s newest advancement to the original transmission format “ES-LINK3″ that can operate at a maximum 48-bit/176.4kHz broadband PCM digital transmission using two XLR cables. These models also support “Dual AES 8Fs” standard (maximum 24-bit/352.8kHz). These models can also perform conventional Direct Stream Digital (DSD) transmission and direct DSD-to-analog conversion processing for Super Audio CD (SACD) playback. This super-high resolution transmission protocol increases the musicality, accuracy and openness of the components.

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