ESOTERIC transport P-02 and Digital to Analog Converter D-02

“The World’s Best Audio System” selects ESOTERIC as the supplier of the CD/SACD playback device, the ESOTERIC P-02 and, the Digital to Audio Decoder the ESOTERIC D-02″: TWBAS is a competition sponsored by SoundStage Network’s Editor-in-Chief, Jeffrey Fritz. The selection process involves seeking out the absolute best audio system one can assemble without consideration of price. This year the system consists of Magico’s Q-7 loudspeakers, AudioQuest WEL Signature wire and cables, Vitus Audio Masterpiece MP-M201 amplifiers and MP-L201 preamplifier, Silent Running Audio Scuttle rack and Virginia Class Isolators, Widealab’s Aurender S10 Music Server and recordings by 2L “TWBAS High-resolution Sampler” and, of course ESOTERIC’s P-02 transport and D-02 Digital to Analog decoder

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