Esoteric Isotek System

Key Features:

Fully burns in a complete audio or home theatre component system.
Burns in a digital recorder, data storage recorder, loudspeakers, wire and cable.
Fully demagnetizes system path
Rejuvenation track which can be used as a daily warm up or weekly cleanse
Suitable for all systems

The ESOTERIC/TEAC/ISOTEK burn in/break in disc allows you to effectively reduce the time needed to “burn in” or "break in" high end digital components, digital recorders, data storage systems, loudspeakers, wire and cable.

Typical system and/or component burn in time may require up to 450-500 hours of playback for the unit or the systems to sound at its very best. In our experience, it is our opinion that this product can reduce that time by approximately 30% or more.

The disc will not only burn-in and demagnetize, but also rejuvenates your components and/or audio system allowing it to function at its optimum level.

Another important feature of the C-02 is Esoteric’s Quad Volume Control System (QVCS). Changing the volume alters the gain in each of the C-02’s four circuits: a positive and negative for each of the two stereo channels. Many volume controls alter the gain in only two circuits, which, Esoteric says, may cause a gain imbalance between channels of up to 5%. Although such imbalances are rarely severe enough to be audible, the work that has gone into the QVCS illustrates the lengths to which Esoteric will go to create as perfect a product as possible.

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