Ludwig van Beethoven [1770 - 1827].
Sir Colin Davis, director.
Symponie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks

Track #1 The Ruins Of Athens, Op.113 [06:00]
Track #2 Coriolan, Op.62 [09:39]
Track #3 Lenore, No.1, Op.138 [10:49]
Track #4 The Creatures Of Prometheus, Op.43 [05:21]
Track #5 Egmont, Op.84 [09:11]
Track #6 Lenore, No.3, Op.72a [15:33]
Track #7 Fidelio, Op.72b [07:08]
Total Running Time [63:00]

Re-master produced by Esoteric Company and Sony Music using the Esoteric G-0Rb Rubidium master clock, Esoteric MEXCEL wire, cable and interconnects, with multiple Esoteric D-01 D/A converters. This re-master is an ESOTERIC exclusive production and very limited quantities were produced.

LABEL: SONY CLASSICAL. TDGD-90013. SACD/CD Hybrid. DSD mastering. SACD layer: 2 channel stereo. CD layer: 2 channel stereo. Deluxe Digipak packaging. Digitally recorded at Herculessaal Munich, Germany (Oct 29-31, 1985). Produced by David Mottley and Wolfram Graul. First release: 1986. [Re-mastering]. The production of this ultimate SACD/CD hybrid disc is directed by Japanese popular Hi-Fi reviewer / recording engineer, Mr. Sugano, and re-mastered at SONY Music Nogizaka studio. The production was done without compromise throughout the whole re-mastering process. The best quality master tape was chosen, and the best equipment was used for the DSD mastering process: the ESOTERIC D-01 D/A converter, the ESOTERIC G-0Rb master clock generator, and ESOTERIC "Mexcel" interconnect cables. With this uncompromising production process, one of the best recording sources is now made to a SACD/CD Hybrid disc with true "master tape" audio quality!

Directed by Okihiko Sugano.
Engineered by Tetsuya Naito (Sony Music, Nogizaka Studio).
Planned and produced by Motoaki Ohmachi (President - ESOTERIC COMPANY).

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Info New  Decca Series SACD:CD Hybrids
Info New Decca Series SACD:CD Hybrids
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