With the advent of SACD and DVD-Audio, the environment surrounding audio delivery has changed dramatically. High-end audio fans have been asking for this evolution to higher quality source data for a long time. There has also been pent-up demand for major changes in the playback devices needed for these new formats.

The Esoteric DV-50S universal player was developed for CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, and DVD-Video. While satisfying the new-generation requests, the DV-50S (like other products in the Esoteric series) also makes your existing CDs sound even better. Rather than obsolete your current investment in CD's, the DV-50S enhances this investment through major improvements in Red Book SACD playback technologies.

By challenging the very limits of each of the disc formats, the DV-50S sets a new standard for digital audio and video reproduction. Not only does the DV-50S accurately reproduce the most intricate details of the recorded material, it delivers all the emotion and soul of the original performance.

High-Precision 24-bit D/A Converter Systems and RDOT (Refined Digital Output Technology) allow multiple up-conversion functionalilty to generate the highest quality audio reproduction.

The DV-50S uses the same high-end components that successfully provided the beautiful and natural sound in the Esoteric D-70 DAC: including a second generation RDOT Algorithm and a FIR (Finite Impulse Response) digital filter that supports sharp high-end sampling.

The algorithm and filter enable up-conversion of digital audio data read from a DVD or CD, to a maximum of 1536 kHz for DVD audio/video and 1411.2 kHz for a CD. The up-converted data is processed through a D/A converter whose advanced segmentation method provides excellent handling of dynamic characteristics. The D/A converter uses a 4-DAC configuration for L/R± differential operation, enabling more accurate D/A conversion.

RDOT (Refined Digital Output Technology)

When music data is recorded for CDs, the frequencies that exceed 20 kHz cannot be reproduced due to limitations of the CD standard sampling frequency. Music however, usually consists of frequency information that far exceeds 20 kHz. The effect of not being able to reproduce this additional information is that the listener cannot experience the most accurate and natural sound.

As the solution for recreating sounds above 20 kHz, we use RDOT; a technology that enables interpolation by analogy based on the fluency algorithm. This highly sophisticated RDOT technology uses analogy-based principles to generate all music information likely to occur between data samples. The information is generated from source signals of all sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz, not just the standard CD frequency. As a result, data that exceeds fs/2 is generated. This results in music with natural depth, and listeners can especially feel differences in resolution and reverberation when instrument sounds overlap. The extremely natural timbres and sound fields used to reproduce a live performance are clearly superior.

DV-50 Owners Manual
DV-50 Owners Manual
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DV-50 Upgrade
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