Providing high definition ("HD") video resolution at 1080p from your existing DVD collection, without having to buy new software. The Esoteric® DV-60 universal SACD/CD/DVD player is a high performance addition to the Esoteric® audio/video product line. The DV-60 shares the basic functionality of the Esoteric DV-50S, i.e. high quality 2 channel dedicated analog audio outputs (balanced and unbalanced), 14 bit video processing, a high-precision 24-bit digital to analog converter, unique up-conversion technology and multi-channel analog audio outputs (Supporting surround sound DVD video, multi-channel SACD and DVD-audio). High Definition ("HD"), video resolution at 1080p is now possible from your existing DVD's. Esoteric's proprietary HDMI "EXP" mode adds black level enhancement to your high resolution video experience. Combined with these well-established features, the DV-60 adds the following technologies suitable for audiophile and videophile applications, in addition to those required for custom home theater.

  • Esoteric® proprietary transport (VOSP*), and drive mechanism with a highly rigid metal isolation platform for superior anti-vibration and anti-resonance properties.
    *VOSP = Vibration free optical stability platform.
  • Updated 24 bit D/A converter (with "FIR and RDOT + FIR" digital filter algorithms for audio signal up-conversion), native DSD mode for SACD playback and user selectable PCM to DSD signal conversion. (Cirrus Logic chipset 4398).
  • 14 bit video processing using Analog Devices ADV7324 with NSV (Noise shaping video), plus Faroudja's I/P conversion processor chip with DCDi technology.
  • HDMI output terminal with video up-conversion to 1080p (Progressive scan "HD" resolution), using the latest LSI chipset model ABT1018 from Anchor Bay Technologies.
  • Word synch. function (Word clock BNC terminal x 1).
  • Highly evolved home installation solutions for external control functions: RS232C connector with standby option, 12V DC remote trigger and rear panel remote control input terminal.
  • Highly rigid chassis construction with cut aluminum top and side panels.
  • Slim remote control with illuminated keys for easier operation in low light or no light environments such as home theater.
DV-60 Owners Manual (English Francais)
DV-60 Owners Manual (English Francais)
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