This re-master is an ESOTERIC exclusive production and there are very limited quantities available.

The original DECCA recording includes Istvan Kertesz conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The re-master process used Esoteric equipment at JVC studios in Japan. This ESOTERIC-JVC collaboration brilliantly revived the original recordings helping to create a new DSD/PCM re-master. The CD layer used XR-CD encoding. The production was done without compromise throughout the entire process. The best quality master tape was chosen and the best equipment was used. ESOTERIC D-01 digital to analog converters, the ESOTERIC G-0Rb master clock generator and ESOTERIC "MEXCEL," interconnect cables and power cords were used for both the SACD and CD layers to make this re-master. With this uncompromising production process, one of the best recorded sources is now available in a SACD/CD Hybrid disc providing true "master tape" audio quality! This exclusive DVORAK re-master (MSRP $49.99), is available now. To purchase this software or any other software shown please contact your local ESOTERIC retailer or call 323-726-0303, ext 749

Info  New Decca Series SACD:CD Hybrids
Info New Decca Series SACD:CD Hybrids
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