With the G-0s master clock generator, ESOTERIC tackles the fundamental problem of timing management between digital audio devices. The rubidium oscillator within the G-0s allows an ultra-precise master clock signal to be generated, and centrally manage a group of digital devices maximizing their audio reproduction potential. This is done by moving the timing or "sync" specification to a level of +/- .05 parts per billion (.05 ppB). Unless you use an atomic clock for synchronization, there is nothing more accurate with which to synchronize digital devices. Use of this master clock for audio and video provides major improvement in reproducing staging, transparency, imaging, separation and depth.

The G-0s is designed to maximize all aspects of digital audio performance. It has three independent systems capable of providing word clocks at optimal frequencies for SUPER AUDIO CD/CD transports, D/A converters, DVD transports, integrated disc players and other A/V devices. All that is needed on the device that you are "retiming," is a WORD SYNC or WORD CLOCK input. Each of the systems in the G-Os has its own complete set of output ports. In addition, the G-0s has a universal clock output which provides a 100-kHz word clock for devices such as DVD transports, enabling WORD SYNC to be extended to video signals. These outputs are also designed to handle both NTSC and PAL film DVDs.

When a DVD created from a PAL film is played, the audio and video is played back four percent faster due to the way the disc is formatted. To address this problem, the G-0s outputs have a PAL Film mode which is user selectable and capable of supplying a master clock signal for playback at the original film speed.

G-0s Owners Manual
G-0s Owners Manual
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