Esoteric's new speaker systems incorporate a new technical application of magnesium alloy (96% Mg), combined with a specialized ceramic coating. The MG-10/MG-20 loudspeakers are manufactured using Esoteric's Mg alloy for both woofers and tweeters (including dust caps). This exclusive design features exceptionally high resolution with crystal-clear transparency; free from metallic, carbon fiber, Kevlar® and paper coloration often associated with other driver materials. This lack of coloration is due to magnesium's high internal energy dissipation and magnesium's well known acoustic neutrality. This technology was developed by Esoteric's sound engineering department and manufactured jointly with Nippon Kinzoku. Final acoustic tuning, manufacturing and assembly takes place under Esoteric supervision in the UK by world-renowned British speaker manufacturer, TANNOY Ltd. This unique technology has recently been honored as an
"Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Showcase Honoree" by the Consumer Electronics Association.


Dimensions (H x W x D) inches 17-5/16 x 8-1/2 x 10-11/16" 41-3/4 x 8-1/2 x 10-11/16"
Enclosure Volume 13 liter 21.5 liter
Enclosure Type Reflex/ ported Reflex/ ported
Enclosure Weight 7.5 kg (16-1/2 lbs) 15 kg (33 lbs)
Suggested Power 20 to 120 watt per channel 20 to 170 watt per channel
Power Rating 75 watt RMS 90 watt RMS
300 watt peak 360 watt peak 360 watt peak
Sensitivity 87.5 dB for 2.83 volt at 1 meter 89 dB for 2.83 volt at 1 meter
Nominal Impedance 6 ohms for both MG10 and MG20. (Connect to 4 ohm amplifier terminals if available)
Minimum Impedance 3.8 ohm 3.7 ohm
Response: (41 Hz / 38 Hz are -6db / sub woofer recommended) 41 Hz - 44 kHz 38 Hz - 44 kHz
Crossover 1.9 kHz 1.9 kHz
Crossover Type 2nd order LF, 3rd order HF. Bi-Wired, Hard-Wired passive, low loss.
Driver Type (Low frequency). 165mm (6-1/2 ") magnesium cone / LFdriver 2 x 165mm (6-1/2 ") magnesium cone / LF driver
Driver Type (High frequency). 25mm (1.0") magnesium dome HF
Cabinet Trapezoidal design with American cherry wood veneers, high density birch plywood. Internally cross braced and heavily damped
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. MG-10 and MG-20 stands are optional.
MG Series Optional Stands Info Sheet
MG Series Optional Stands Info Sheet
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MG Series Speakers Technology Presentation
MG Series Speakers Technology Presentation
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MG-10 MG-20 Owners Manual
MG-10 MG-20 Owners Manual
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