The production quality of this vinyl record is strictly controlled by ESOTERIC without compromise, re-vitalizing the experience and integrity of the original master!This re-master is an ESOTERIC exclusive production and very limited quantities were produced.

  • Digitally re-mastered using ESOTERIC equipment *1
  • Specially tuned direct lacquer cutting equipment
  • No equalizer, no limiter, and no filters used for this cutting process!
  • "Master press disc;" providing true original master sound quality *2
  • Limited production; 1,000 discs
  • 200g heavy weight vinyl *3
  1. The criterion of re-mastering is to faithfully capture the quality of the original master tapes. ESOTERIC's flag ship D/A converters, model D-01VU, Rubidium master clock generator model G-0Rb and ESOTERIC MEXCEL cables, were all used for this re-mastering session. This combination of highly advanced technology greatly contributed to capturingthe high quality sound of the original master tapes.
  2. This vinyl was directly pressed from the first mold produced by the original Lacquer. The "Mother" copy extraction and its mold do not exist during the production process (two processes shorter than conventional vinyl production); allowing the groove edge to remain sharp on final vinyl. As a result press quantity is extremely limited!!
  3. All material quality is carefully selected and strictly managed for reduced surface noise.

A collaboration work from two of the worlds greatest Mozart admirers - Curzon, a British piano virtuoso and Britten, a composer / conductor, have brilliantly revived original recordings helping to create a newly re-mastered vinyl disc.

A selection of historical masterpiece recordings, re-mastered with cutting edge technologies and with ESOTERIC's respect for music - ESOTERIC vinyl collections take listeners to the "next level" of musical expression.

From original liner notes:

"Mozart's final piano concerto K.595 was central to Clifford Curzon's musical personality for at least the last half of his life and revealed much of his attitude towards performance and recording. He was virtually hypnotized by the piece as a source of endless variation in phrasing, touch and meaning, and proof that he was still making new discoveries in it, right to the end of his life, is that he planned to record it for the fourth time in January 1984..."

"The present performance is the result of recording sessions held on 24 and 25 September 1970. It was only natural that with two such Mozartians as Benjamin Britten and Clifford Curzon these sessions were dominated by musical rather than technical considerations and on the first day things went so well with K.466 that by the end of the second session we not only had a final version of K.466 but a complete performance of K.595 as well. After listening to the tape of K.595 in the evening, work was completed to everyone's satisfaction the following day. Editing took only a few days and Clifford Curzon heard the result soon afterwards...."

Title and track list
W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)
Piano Concerto No.20 K.466 & No.27 K.595

[SIDE ONE] Piano Concerto No.20 in D Minor K.466
  1. 1st. Mov. : Allegro
  2. 2nd. Mov. : Romance
  3. 3rd. Mov. : Rondo (Allegro assai)
[SIDE TWO] Piano Concerto No.27 in B Flat Major K.595
  1. 1st. Mov. : Allegro
  2. 2nd. Mov. : Larghetto
  3. 3rd. Mov. : Allegro

Sir Clifford Curzon (Piano)
English Chamber Orchestra
Conducted by Benjamin Britten

Producer: Ray Minshull
Engineer: Kenneth Willkinson
Location: Maltings, Snape
Recording date: September 1970

Producer: Motoaki Ohmachi (ESOTERIC COMPANY)
Mastering Engineer: Kazuie Sugimoto (JVC Mastering Center)
Date: August 26, 2008 at JVC Mastering Center.

Cutting Engineer: Toru Kotetsu (JVC Mastering Center)
Date: February 2009 at JVC Mastering Center
Cutting Lathe: Neumann VMS70 (JVC Special Custom Manufacture)
Cutting Head: Neumann SX-74

Cutter Drive Amplifier: Neumann SP-75 (JVC Special Custom Manufacture)

  • Product ID: ESLP-10001
  • Format: 12" LP
  • Label: Decca
  • Stereo
  • 200g heavy weight vinyl
  • Master Press disc