Reproduces highly detailed performances surrounded by extreme transparency. Advanced technology combines the highly acclaimed Esoteric "Flagship" series design concepts of the P-01/D-01 system, and applies new DSD signal processing at a more affordable price point. As a result, the P-03/D-03 combination meets all the challenges of capturing spoken or musical potential of CD and SACD software.

A newly advanced VRDS-NEO mechanism has been developed and is supported by a highly rigid body construction. The P-03/D-03 CD/SACD transport system is extremely versatile, featuring multiple user selectable playback modes. These include CD audio (Redbook) playback, native DSD decoding, PCM up-conversion and Esoteric's advanced PCM to DSD signal conversion.

An integrated one-piece body style contains separate power supply and transport compartments within a "dual chassis" design. The integrated chassis construction is based on the same design concepts of the "Flagship" Model P-01.

Digital signal transfer of DSD signals is now offered with an i.LINK interface, in addition to ESOTERIC's proprietary ES-LINK format.


P-03 Owners Manual
P-03 Owners Manual
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