ESOTERIC is proud to introduce evolutionary components for CD/SACD audiophile playback, incorporating a completely new VRDS-NEO mechanism
(and using new 32 bit D/A converter technology in the companion DAC model D-05).

The VRDS-NEO mechanism in the P-05 is a high performance CD/SACD transport solution for the next generation of audiophiles! The P-05 builds upon the success of Esoteric's model P-70. This newly developed VRDS-NEO model VMK-5, (New-Vibration free Rigid Disc clamping System), combines two ESOTERIC proprietary technologies; the turntable disc clamping system and the unique VOSP (Vertically aligned Optical Stability Platform). The turntable securely clamps the disc and effectively reduces unwanted swing or vibration of the disc. This new turntable is precisely machined from solid aluminum helping to minimize rotational inertia. This extra light turntable design also ensures optimal performance as required for high speed disc rotation. In combination with this turntable system, the VOSP mechanism provides extremely accurate data retrieval by positioning the laser optical axis at the very center of the data track. This design eliminates off axis tracking and off axis error correction. Word clock input is included for synchronization with the matching D-05, D/A audio converter or with any of Esoteric's stand alone master clock generators. Optical tracking and data retrieval is processed by the same pick-up assembly as in the Esoteric model P-03 audio transport. The P-05 transport works with both CD and SACD software. For more information please see the PDF file indicated below.

P-05 / D-05 additional features:

  • PCM digital audio up-conversion function (with D-05 DAC).
  • PCM to DSD conversion function (with D-05 DAC).
  • Native DSD mode for SACD playback (with D-05 DAC).
  • Toroidal transformer for power supply.
  • Remote control from the P-03.
  • Output level control from the optional D-05 front panel and from the P-05 remote control (requires D-05).
  • iLink terminal

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

P-05 Owners Manual
P-05 Owners Manual
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P-05:D-05 Product Literature
P-05:D-05 Product Literature
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P-05:D-05 Spec Sheets
P-05:D-05 Spec Sheets
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