All UX-1 features (See previous models), plus:

Main internal wiring has been upgraded to "6N copper class," providing a highly accurate signal path for enhanced audio reproduction! By upgrading to high purity 6N copper class wire, the UX-1's audio resolution characteristics and "acoustic texture" improves. This wiring was jointly developed with Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd. and Acro Japan Ltd. Other improvements include internal connection and higher grade power cables adopted from the Esoteric P-01/D-01 "flagship" system.

Upgraded audio output circuits influence & improve performance of the D to A signal converter. Through the use of upgraded capacitors and resistors, like those used in the P-01/D-01 system, Esoteric has enhanced the DAC and analog output stage audio performance. This provides superior ambience and "presence," creating more of an "open air" experience. These improvements allow more "natural impact" and audible depth of field perception is improved. This architecture evolved from the P-01/D-01 system.

Audio output terminals (L/R) and digital audio output terminals are upgraded to RCA "NextGen" terminal connectors, as provided by Germany's WBT Company. These terminal upgrades to model "WBT-0210Cu," RCA's next generation connectors, provide higher performance for both audio output applications. Typically, lower grade connector plates touch a "cold side." Electrically this is assumed to be an open structure by contact at that point. The RCA "NextGen" connectors eliminate adverse effects generated by an open structure and noise such as eddy current is greatly reduced or eliminated. Additionally, digital transmission in combination with a new high-level, digital cable, one that guarantees 75? impedance is now utilized. This allows better control of signal attenuation due impedance fluctuation. This adds additional sonic improvement noticeable within a listening environment.

UX-1 Owners Manual
UX-1 Owners Manual
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