The UX-1 component devices, circuit configuration, and parts layout were all determined through a painstaking process aimed at maximizing the potential of the ultra-precise, highly rigid VRDS mechanism to provide a universal player with the world's best image and sound quality. The UX-1 has all the features one would expect in a high-end universal player, including the ability to decode DTS96/24 format as well as Dolby Digital/DTS; a lip-sync function which corrects mistiming between audio and video; and a speaker configuration function which computes and adjusts the 5.1-channel surround sound installation environment. In addition, a Word Sync input port is provided for inputting an ultra-precise clock from the G-0s master clock generator. 44.1 kHz (up to 176.4 kHz) is supported for CD/SACD playback, and 48 kHz (up to 196 kHz) is supported for DVD playback. A TEAC proprietary universal clock (100 kHz) can be inputso the video can also be controlled by an ultra-precise clock.


A Burr-Brown 24-bit D/A converter is used as the audio D/A converter on all channels. In addition, a two-chip-per-channel differential configuration is used on the front L/R channels for improved linearity. A crystal oscillator is placed on the audio DAC board to suppress jitter, helping to ensure highly precise D/A conversion. Further jitter reduction is made possible by using the UX-1's master clock input with the Esoteric G-0s Rubidium master clock.


Usually, during progressive playback of a DVD video, there is an increased tendency for unnatural "jaggies," or jagged image edges, to appear. To address this issue, the UX-1 incorporates a Faroudja chip for I/P conversion, using DCDi technology to enable capture of smooth, beautiful progressive video. The video D/A converter is the latest from Analog Devices-- 14-bit/216 MHz ADV7314. Audio sampling is done at 8x (interlaced) or 4x (progressive) to provide the highest quality in D/A conversion. This converter, combined with an NSV process that shifts noise components to unneeded bands to achieve a high S/N ratio, provides extremely high-resolution video images that are like finely detailed pictures.

UX-1 Owners Manual
UX-1 Owners Manual
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