The ultimate SACD Player with tremendous musical expressiveness

Main features

The X-01 has all the features one would expect in a high-end SACD/CD player, including a speaker configuration function that computes and adjusts the 5.1-channel surround sound installation environment. In addition, a Word Sync input port is provided for inputting an ultra-precise clock from the G-0s master clock generator. 44.1 kHz (up to 176.4 kHz) is supported for CD/SACD playback. The X-01 itself uses a high precision crystal clock that generates 3ppm of accuracy.


To further improve the quality of analog audio reconstruction on the DAC circuit board, the X-01 employs a specially designed DAC transformer to remove all noise generated from the transport mechanism and digital circuitry. This structure enables a completely pure audio signal. Burr-Brown 24-bit DACs are used as the audio DACs on all channels. To further improve the purity of the sound, a four-chip-per-channel differential configuration is used on the front L/R channels for improved linearity and common noise rejection. In addition, the left and right channels are isolated onto separate circuit boards suppressing mutual interference between the channels. A crystal oscillator, precise to +/-3ppm, is placed directly on the audio DAC board to suppress jitter, helping to ensure highly precise D/A conversion.

CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN (Common for both X-01/UX-1)

Because the VRDS-NEO mechanism is significantly heavier than the mechanisms used in ordinary players, a three-part chassis design is used to support it. The mechanism is centered within the chassis for stability. The chassis is supported by three pinpoint feet (patent pending) made of quenched steel, allowing the unit to be mechanically isolated from its environment. Thick aluminum is used on the top panel and side panels in addition to the front panel to block vibrations. The front panel is designed to be simple yet elegant, with a brushed finish. The beautifully engraved logo, illuminated buttons with lit peripheries, and other features all contribute to the sense of quality found only in high-end audiophile equipment.

X-01 Owners Manual (English Francais Deutsch)
X-01 Owners Manual (English Francais Deutsch)
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