VRDS at a new and more affordable price point. An evolutionary path from the legendary X-01 and UX-1 series

High Quality 2ch Audio Output for ideal SACD/CD Reproduction...To further improve the quality of analog audio reconstruction on the DAC circuit board, the X-03 (and the UX-3), employ a specially designed DAC transformer to remove noise generated from the transport mechanism and digital circuitry. This structure enables a completely pure audio signal. Burr-Brown 24-bit DACs are used as the audio decoders on all channels. To further improve the purity of sound, a two-chip-per-channel differential configuration is used on the front L/R channels for improved linearity and common noise rejection. The X-03 employs a crystal oscillator precise to +/- 3ppm. It is placed directly on the audio DAC board to suppress jitter, helping to ensure highly precise D/A conversion.

X-03 Owners Manual
X-03 Owners Manual
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