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Warranty, Recertification and Customer Service

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The limited warranty on new Esoteric product purchases is 1 years parts and labor.

There is an optional and incremental warranty upgrade available to you on new electronics purchases, (just as if you were seeking an extended warranty on a new car). Upon registering your new electronics with the “Product Registration Form,” as supplied with your new product, we will optionally and incrementally extend your electronics warranty for an additional year to a total of 3 years parts and labor (At no extra cost to you). If you do not request this upgrade through this process the new product warranty is limited to 1 years. No optional and incremental warranty extension is available on loudspeakers. (Product registration information is only retained for warranty purposes and not released for any other purpose).

Esoteric provides a warranty only on products imported by TEAC CORPORATION and sold only by our authorized dealers as new equipment.

Esoteric in the USA will not service product under warranty that has been opened by end-users, modified or altered. In the unlikely event that warranty service is needed, the consumer must provide a copy of their original bill of sale, and, if so applied for and received, the extended warranty certificate (if applicable), to Esoteric/TEAC America, Inc. in Los Angeles, California.


Products modified (or “Modded”) by third party companies render ESOTERIC products unserviceable by us.

Modifying products immediately voids all warranties from ESOTERIC. More importantly, since we do not know what these “mods” are, how they affect other circuits within the ESOTERIC product and most importantly, affect the timing and control functions within the product, we are not able, at any cost, to repair a modified ESOTERIC product.

Modified products should be returned to the modifier for service.

For more information on factory service and service return please see the next section of this document

Customer Service

Please note: We will not warranty any Esoteric product that has been modified or altered. We will not service ESOTERIC Products that were manufactured and sold outside of the country in which service is requested. Service is available only for product sold by authorized USA dealers.

For questions regarding product features, specifications, “hook-up” and operation, please call your retail dealer.

Your dealer is the one most likely to be able to help you on an expedited basis.

If your dealer is unavailable or unable to help then please call Esoteric directly at : 1-844-515-2065. You may also email your question to

For some operational questions, it may be necessary to refer to your owner’s manual. Please have it handy when you call.

The E-mail address for service:

If you would like to return your product to us for service please use the guidelines below. No RA number is needed.

The shipping and mailing address is:

Tap Electronics Company

6920 Hermosa Circle
Buena Park, CA 90620
Tel: (714) 562-7400
Fax: (714) 562-7405
Monday – Friday
8:30AM-5:00PM, PST
Saturdays by appointment only

In your shipment please include:

  1. A complete description of the problem
  2. If there are any particular pieces of media that are more symptomatic than others, please include them. We will return the media with the repaired unit.
  3. A copy of your proof of purchase to validate the warranty (if any).
  4. Your name, address and phone number(s)
  5. Any specific return shipping instructions
  6. Your e-mail address
  7. A FAX number if available
  8. Do not include remote controls, accessories, power cords or manuals Our technicians have those items at each test station.

Note: To order a shipping container, please call (714) 562-7400.

Our Parts department sells replacement parts, including owner’s, service manuals, and shipping cartons. To reach parts call: (844) 515-2065 or email to: