These optional upgrades are incremental to an already outstanding Esoteric product.

Technology update offerings or upgrades, are one of the benefits of being an Esoteric owner. To ensure that our customers retain maximum return on their investment in ESOTERIC products, we periodically will offer physical or software based upgrades for current owners. This allows customers to benefit from evolutions in technology, without having to purchase a new product.

By registering your product with us via the “registration form” that was supplied with your new ESOTERIC product, we have the ability to notify customers of upgrade availability.

Some upgrades may be in the form of a software update. These are usually provided at no charge. A hardware upgrade is made available as technology and components evolve over time. Click on the product model below for information about upgrades available for those listed models. If you do take part in an optional and incremental upgrade, please return your product without accessories, without remote control and without power cord as our technicians already have all of these items on site.

Video Upgrade: DV-50

Audio and Video Upgrade: X-Series and UX-Series

Esoteric i.LINK upgrade kit for X-05, SA-10, SA-60 and DV-60

The G-0s series update takes the G-0s master clock sync generator to G-0Rb status. Front panel, display and selected internal components are enhanced with new technology. Total consumer cost of this upgrade is $2482.98. For more information on this upgrade please call 323-726-0303, ext. 617.

Note: iLINK (IEEE1394/Firewire), protocol is different for audio playback and PC applications. This upgrade kit is audio compliant only and does not allow PC connectivity.